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At the Oregon Reality (OR) Lab, students get hands-on experience with the latest in AR, VR, and XR equipment and software as they develop and test the effects of immersive media and their capacity to solve social, environmental, and business problems. The next media frontier is immersive, from 360 video to virtual reality (VR), augmented reality, and mixed reality (increasingly known as extended reality). We’re pioneering media-making and research with these emerging technologies at our state-of-the-art immersive experience lab. Visit SOJC Portland to demo our VR platforms and tools, attend an immersive event, see student-produced work, and learn about faculty research exploring such topics as the ethics of VR and how virtual worlds help people with disabilities. 

Inside the OR Lab

Unable to visit the OR lab in person? Interested in what it might be like to sit in on a lecture from OR Lab Faculty? Want to experience student led projects or explore faculty research firsthand? Soon you will be able to do these things from the comfort of your home via the Oregon Reality Lab Passport - an immersive experience that will allow you visit us regardless of your physical location!


Coming Soon! Check back for more details. 

Oregon Reality Lab VR Experience

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